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Registration and Welcome Refreshments
Opening Joint Keynote Address: A Call to Action from Bridgestone & Michelin - Increasing Use of Recovered Carbon Black in End-of-Life Tires to Achieve a More Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem (Introduction)
Delivered by;

Sander Vermeulen, Vice President – End-of-Life Rubber Products Recycling Business, Michelin
Jake Rønsholt, VP Strategy & Transformation, Bridgestone
EU ELTs status: Review the Progress and Some of the Sustainability Challenges
Updates on rCB in Asia – How does the Future Look Like? *
  • How has Enrestec evolved over the decade?

Andy Yuan | Senior Project Manager, Enrestec
Networking coffee break
Keynote CEO Panel Discussion
Leaders of the key rCB companies share their vision for the sector, how supply and demand are evolving during and after Covid-19 era, where exactly the industry is going, and how to create industry partnerships..
Panellists include:
  • Robert Harper, Deputy CEO, Circtec
  • Bob Genovese, President & CEO, Delta-Energy Group, LLC
  • Victor Vreeken, CEO, Black Bear Carbon
  • Germano Carreira, CEO, BB&G - Alternative Worldwide Environmental Solutions, Lda
  • Thomas Sörensson, CEO, Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (Publ)
Blends rCB/CB as an Efficient Way to Implement the Assumptions of Closed-cycle Economy
  • Recovered carbon black (rCB) in the circular economy
  • Blends rCB /CB for rubber industry
  • Analyses the application of blends rCB/CB in rubber
  • Makrochem - supplier of CB and rCB/CB blends

Igor Levenberg | CEO , Makrochem SA
Networking lunch
rCB Powder Finishing Line – A Holistic Approach
Werner Dilberowic, Industrial Engineer, Hosokawa Alpine
  • How to progress through the process development in order to finally reach the point for a design of a rCB finishing line: going from what are key technologies and what can and must be tested, which data has to be provided and which requirements have to be fulfilled, to how is the general design of an rCB plant, and much more
Milling Efficiency for rCBs with Different Mill Technologies *
  • Efficient fine grinding of rCB
  • Operation of a steam Jet Mill with integrated dynamic air classifier
  • Advantages of steam operated Jet Mills
  • Comparison between steam and air operation of Jet mills

Christian Höfels | Process Technology Development, NETZSCH
Pneumatic Conveying in Production Process
  • Pneumatic Conveying processing
  • What a good and bad RCB for conveying is

Scott Schmid | President, Cyclonaire
Back-end Processing of rCB – A Comprehensive Approach
  • A Turn-key solution for grinding, pelletizing, drying and packing
  • The presentation will address the various factors that have an impact on the rCB back-end process
  • Important factors are size reduction efficiency, pyrolysis temperature, binder selection as well as type of dryer

Marc Giersemehl | Technical Managing Director, Neuman & Esser
Networking break
Porosity of rCB and Dispersion in Plastics
  • Porosity of carbon black and dispersion in plastics.
  • Methods for controlling Porosity
  • Testing of rCB in plastic applications

Hari Krishna | Global Sales Director End Products, Ecolomondo Corporation
Sustainability in the Plastic Industry: Perspectives from Avient company, Specialty Polymer Formulations provider
  • Plastic market applications and requirements
  • Sustainability approach of Avient and customer requirements
  • Role of rCB in sustainability of plastics supply chain

Benoit Flammang | Head of Market Segments E&E , Avient Corporation
Developing a Tyre Recycling Project 􀂱 The Elysium Nordic case
WindSpace is a project developer and has been working on the Elysium Nordic project for the past 3 years.
  • What are the challenges that we have had to overcome?
  • What have we learnt in this time and what would we have done differently?
  • How Elysium Nordic WindSpace has evolved? Where are the learnings and direction changes?

Jens Elton Anders | CEO and partner, WindSpace and Elysium Nordic
Mastering the Wheels of Fortune: A Project Development Approach
Networking Drinks Reception
Registration and Welcome Refreshments
Opening Keynote Address: Perspective on Green Carbon Blacks (rCB, Sustainable Carbon Black, Methane pyrolysis Carbon Black)
A Technical Status of Standardisation
  • How much quality assurance do we need?
  • How narrow should the standards be?
  • What are the risks of overdoing standards?

Pieter ter Haar | Director Research and Development, CIRCTEC / ASTM
Fourier Transform Rheology of rCB
  • Colloidal properties do not reflect the reinforcing properties of rCB in rubber
  • FT Rheology can quantify the polymer-filler interaction as an evaluation tool for rCB
  • A standardized method has been proposed at ASTM D36 on rCB to facilitate trade within the industry

Prof. Dr. Jorge Lacayo-Pineda | R&D Global Tire Testing, Continental Tires
Networking break
Major Factors Influencing rCB Consistency such as Ash Content Consistency
  • Key process parameters and conditions that will determine your rCB product consistency
  • Opportunities on how to assure the same end product(s) quality

Ad van Oorschot | Sales and R&D Director, Black Bear Carbon
End User Q&A Session
  • What should producers be looking to produce?
  • What is the market asking for?
  • How could the industry meet the demands?
  • How could the industry work collaboratively?
Panellists include;
Marco Musaio, Head of End of Life Tire & Circular Economy, Bridgestone
Richard Chiari, Lead Buyer Carbon Black & Compounds, Semperit AG Holding
More speakers to be confirmed*
Special Needs on rCB for Coatings Applications *
  • Overview of special applications and how we serve their needs
  • Comparison of necessary properties of (virgin) carbon black and rCB
  • A view on the problems we have had in the past with rCB
  • rCB parameter we would need to fulfil market requirements

Christian Sieblist | Technical Marketing Manager, Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH
A Producer’s Perspective on rCB Opportunities and Challenges
  • Introduction
  • rCB Opportunities
  • rCB Challenges
  • Next steps

Bob Genovese | CEO, Delta-Energy Group, LLC
Networking lunch
Co-presentation: Hurdles in the Recovery of Carbon Black from Tyre Waste
  • Introducing a research work on the upgrading of rCB that has been ongoing for almost three years, including an overview of the industrialization process led by RCB Nanotechnologies GmbH
  • Can the upgrading of rCB work without standardising processes, input materials, etc.?
Speakers include;

Niels Raeder, CEO & Founder, RCB Nanotechnologies GmbH

Christian Kaiser, Project Leader, Department Inorganic Materials and Recycling, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP
Highly Reinforcing rCB for the Tire Industry
  • rCB post-treatment technology has been developed to substitute entry-level hard blacks such as N330
  • This development is primarily targeting the tyre industry and the largest volume applications in tyres (e.g., tread)
  • The presentation will include in-rubber test results and a benchmarking comparison with ASTM N330

Germano Carreira | CEO , BB&G - Alternative Worldwide Environmental Solutions, Lda
Hybrid Microwave Process for Tyre Recycling/rCB Production
  • Looking at how the hybrid process contribute to quality consistency and energy efficiency  in RCB production

Steve Kantor | Chief Technology Officer, Environmental Waste International
Closing Keynote Address delivered by Michelin
Speaker: Sander VERMEULEN, Vice President – End-of-Life Rubber Products Recycling Business, Michelin
A Call to Action from Bridgestone & Michelin - Increasing Use of Recovered Carbon Black in End-of-Life Tires to Achieve a More Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem (Next Steps)
Delivered by;

Sander Vermeulen, Vice President – End-of-Life Rubber Products Recycling Business, Michelin
Marco Musaio, Head of End of Life Tire & Circular Economy, Bridgestone

End of the conference
Closing Remarks
Delivered by;

Martin Von Wolfersdorff, Principal Advisor, Wolfersdorff Consulting
Pieter ter Haar, Director Research and Development, CIRCTEC/ASTM

*remote presentation

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