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Registration and Welcome Refreshments
Latest market outlook for green carbon blacks (rCB, sustainable carbon black, methane pyrolysis carbon black)
Continental: Our tire sustainability ambition and technologies for a future circular economy
Proposal of specifications for rCB (follow up of Nov 2021 Call for Action from Bridgestone and Michelin Joint Initiative)
Jean Luc Cornillon, Director of Research Programs, Michelin
Raffaele di Ronza, R&D Open Innovation Expert, Bridgestone
Sander Vermeulen,
Vice President - End-of-Life Rubber Products Recycling Business, Michelin
Marco Musaio,
Head of Circular Economy and End of Life Tire, Bridgestone
Panel: Strategic updates from leading rCB companies – latest projects, vision for the sector, collaboration
Victor Vreeken, CEO, Black Bear Carbon
Tony Wibbeler, Founder & CEO, Bolder Industries
Robert Harper, Co-founder and Deputy CEO, Circtec
Alf Blomqvist,
Chairman, Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB

Networking coffee break
REACH and the circular economy, a hitchhiker’s guide to the black hole
Strategic approaches to regulatory hurdles for recovered Carbon Black
Carbon footprint study on tyre pyrolysis
Networking Lunch
Demonstration of the performance potential of rCB in real-life applications
Development of a reliable particle size measurement technique for milled carbonaceous materials
Networking Break
Facilitating trade: ASTM standards for rCB Specification
Optimizing recovered carbon black through post processing: Ultrafine milling, ash leaching and volatile reduction
Clara Silva, PhD student in Chemical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal & BB&G AWES
Cristiana Maganinho, 
PhD student in Chemical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal & BB&G AWES

Panel discussion – technical assessment of rCB status, and end-user requirements
Chair: Martin Von Wolfersdorff
Pieter ter Haar, Director Research & Development, Circtec
Ad van Oorschot, 
Director Sales & R&D, Black Bear Carbon
Chris Norris, 
General ManagerARTIS
Richard Chiari,
Global Lead Buyer (Carbon Black), Semperit AG Holding
Chair’s closing remarks
Networking drinks reception
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Sustainable carbon blacks and the transition to the Circular Economy
Pyrolysis oil today and in the future: Identifying properties, applications, and potential
Connecting tire pyrolysis and the chemical industry - the ChemCycling™ approach
Networking Break
Assessing the impacts of feedstock and process control on pyrolysis outputs for tyre recycling
Improving of pyrolysis - Introducing a totally new type of continuous pyrolysis reactor
Aerosol-based analysis of carbon black - fast and online characterisation of CB aggregates
vCB/rCB blends research study in rubber compounds
Networking Lunch
ELT-market place and feedstock for chemical recycling - pyrolysis and devulcanisation
A practical overview of rCB back-end processing
  • Field study of a rCB back-end processing plant: grinding, pelletizing, drying and packing
  • The presentaiton will show practical experience with and insights into the rCB back-end process
  • Focus is put on the factors that are most important for the effectiveness and the efficiency of the rCB back-end process

Dr Daniel Karhoff | Research & Development Engineer, Neuman & Esser
Technological advancements and collaboration – the way to circularity in the tire industry
Overcoming the difficulties of scale-up: is collaboration and cooperation the answer?
From the backyard to industry partnerships: Integrating tyre collection, granulation, pyrolysis and rCB manufacturing
Chair's Closing Remarks
Close of conference

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