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Interview with Frank Cremer

Ahead of rCB 23 we spoke to Frank Cremer, Director Technical Sales EU at Bolder Industries. We asked for his thoughts on why he was motivated to join the advisory board, what trends, developments and milestones facing the industry today and much more.

What motivated you to join the rCB conference Advisory Board this year?

This conference is for me the most important conference for rCB, and the number 1 for the rCB market. I am happy to have an influence on the agenda for bringing rCB producers, customers (actual and potential), tyre recyclers and others together.

You have been involved in the sector for some time - what milestones/trends have you seen as the rCB industry evolves?

  • To change the perception that rCB is a low cost, bad smelling filler which could be used in very limited amount of applications. Customers are changing their mind about using rCB and are now open for new developments.
  • Evolving from pilot scale-up to a production level such that large customers are able to rely on, and use rCB in their products.
  • rCB is now being seen as its own product and not as a "Carbon Black".
  • Moving from a recycling business to the circular economy.

What do you consider to be the missing pieces of the jigsaw?

  • At the moment a lot of rCB producers can't scale up or build their plants due to lack of investment.
  • In Europe we also have a lot of problems due to different laws related to recycling or waste status, getting the permits and so on. We see a delay in building capacity for all rCB producers.
  • Each rCB will be different, some more than the others. Therefore, it is not easy for rCB customers to use rCB from different manufacturers.
  • To be successful as an industry we have a lot of things to do. The annual rCB conference can help us to move faster and I think we have chosen the right agenda and speakers for that.

What are you most looking forward to hearing discussed at this year's conference?

All presentations and panel discussions are really of interest for me! I like the mix of business and regulatory sessions as well as the more technical presentations.