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Interview with Loïc Picard

Ahead of rCB 23 we spoke to Loïc Picard, R&I Project Manager, Center for Research & Innovation - Elastomer Lab at Hutchinson S.A. We asked for his thoughts on why he was motivated to join the advisory board, what trends, developments and milestones facing the industry today and much more.

What motivated you to join the rCB conference Advisory Board this year?

It is the first time for me to be part of an Advisory Board and my main motivation for joining this board was to bring the view from the mechanical rubber goods industry. The last conferences were mainly dedicated to the tire industry, which is quite logical but I had the feeling that the our industry was not represented enough. I am happy this year to have in the agenda more presentation dedicated to this industry which need rCB as much as the tire industry.

You have been watching the sector evolve - what trends have you seen as the rCB industry develops?

The demand for rCB is clearly booming and top rCB producers are working through different collaborations, building new pyrolysis units to rapidly bring additional volumes of rCB to the market. rCB producers are facing problems getting components to upscale their pyrolysis unit from pilot to production.

As you are on the customer side of the market, what do you consider to be the missing pieces of the jigsaw?

There is clearly a need to have a common language between the producer of rCB and the customer and this work is already ongoing with the ASTM D36 work and also through the Call to Action lead taken by Michelin and Bridgestone. These specifications are mandatory to ensure the consistency of rCB and to have a product that can be used industrially. Now, the next steps will be to have enough rCB production capacity to be able to fulfil customer needs for facing the carbon emission reduction target set to be reached by 2050.

What are you most looking forward to hearing at this year's conference?

My main expectations for the year’s conference will be to hear from the industrial rubber goods industry the developments they have made with rCB and the results they got. I would like also to hear from the CEO panel what will be the next milestones for their development projects.